About Nivritti Yoga

The word ‘Nivritti’ simply refers to ‘the path of turning conscious’, the path where we are no more living in an unconscious conditioned way and seeking fulfilment through the outside world but finding it inwards through contemplation and meditation. 

On this path, attention is directed inward, often with a focus on acceptance and finding a connection with our true Self. Ancient sages found that everyone has the enlightened Self, which in most humans stays in a dormant state unless awakened through some spiritual practice.  With this thought that everyone has the potential to awaken the inner Self - which is the source of ecstasy, joy, and fulfilment – we started Nivritti Yoga, out of a passion for sharing the wisdom of the sages and ancient texts.

We are trying to adapt traditional wisdom and practices to modern needs and share it with the hope that they may bring joy and benefits to you. 

The founder, Sandeep is honoured to share his experience with you. He has had the privilege of learning under various traditional monasteries across different schools of thought and has also obtained many national and international certificates, including a master's in Yoga & Meditation. 

To sum it all up,

We are dedicated to sharing ancient wisdom and practices which are pure and traditional in form, stemming from the roots of authentic spiritual traditions and adapting them to suit modern needs. So that they can easily be incorporated into your daily life. 

Join us on a mission to overcome physical, psychological, and emotional hurdles and experience the bliss within. Learn & practice with us and share these tools and insights with others.

 Let's journey together towards greater peace and fulfilment.

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