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Path Of Self Enquiry To Answer, "Who Am I?"

Instructor: SandeepLanguage: English

About the course

All living beings want to be eternally fulfilled and happy, without misery, without suffering. All of our struggles, all of our desires are to become fulfilled, it doesn't matter if we are fat or fit, poor or rich, black or white, this country or that country everybody across the board wants to be limitless, fill fulfilled, fill lasting happiness without any misery. Even the people who are cruel to themselves and others do so not for being cruel but to find this fulfillment. Finding this lasting fulfillment, completeness, a life full of freedom, overcoming even the minutest suffering, and attaining everlasting bliss, is the goal of yoga and all other spiritual paths in general. According to the ancient Rishis, the true source of happiness lies within you. Even though many people, especially spiritual seekers, intuitively understand that the true source of happiness is within, their day-to-day behavior doesn't seem to reflect this understanding at all. Because there is some confusion about this fact, a strong conviction that happiness is within is missing. The experience of fullness is missing. The path of self-inquiry is a method of Jnana yoga the Yoga of Knowledge. It is an inquiry into, 'Who or what am I?' This is said to be the direct path to overcoming all the suffering and finding lasting fulfillment. Made famous by the great 20th-century saint, Sri Ramana Maharshi, the origin of this is in the ancient Indian philosophical texts Upanishads. Unless we know what or who we are, how can we know what we truly seek? According to the yoga of knowledge, the root cause of all our suffering is due to our mistaken conception of ourselves, So, it's not due to the problems in the world. It's not due to financial hardship. It's not due to relationship problems. It's not even due to physical or mental problems. It's due to a wrong idea. It's due to ignorance of our true nature. We know we exist, but what we are is not very clear to us. And to discover what we truly are is the goal of the yoga of knowledge, and self-inquiry is the method. This path is an inquiry into oneself and not getting caught in the humdrum of existence, which is too noisy. Listening to the music of the true self. How is this path different from other paths? This path does not demand that you believe in anything, in fact, you must not believe it, you have to question it, reason it out and see if it makes sense to your experience. Only then will clarity come. It also does not demand that you have to get extraordinary mystical experiences, like samadhi, kundalini awakening, etc. It all depends on what is available to everybody, everywhere, and all the time.

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