Embodying Your True Self: Transcending the Ego

A Nididysana practice for achieving non-dual consciousness

Instructor: SandeepLanguage: English

About the course

This course is a continuation of our course, "Discover Your True Self," and is designed to take your understanding of the true self to the next level, a step towards making it a living reality.

This course is based on the ancient practice of Nididhyāsana, a profound meditation on the nature of the true self. Nididhyasana is a powerful tool for realising the identity of Self and Brahman, or the microcosm and macrocosm. In simple terms, it helps us understand that the 'I' and the universe are one and the same.

In Jnana yoga or yoga of wisdom, Nididhyasana is given utmost importance. It is a powerful tool for transcending the ego and exploring the depths of consciousness. This course will guide you through this powerful practice and help you stay connected to your understanding of the true self.

We recommend that you have completed our "Discover Your True Self" course before embarking on this journey. This course is only for advanced practitioners, for those who are ready to dive deeper into the understanding of the Self.

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