Get Deeply Concentrated With Advanced Ajapa Japa

Regain the lost art of concentration using breath, visualization and mental mantra repetition.

Instructor: SandeepLanguage: English

About the course

The ability to consciously and deliberately, focus the mental energy on one thing for as long as we require, without being influenced by anything else, is concentration. Be it studying, a job, creativity, goal, or anything else, the ability to concentrate the mind at will enables us to channel all our efforts into our purpose and ignore meaningless irrelevant thoughts. Many pieces of research conducted in the field of modern positive psychology have concluded that being able to achieve high levels of concentration allows us to enter a state of flow, which makes the task both more enjoyable and more productive. Concentration in Sanskrit is called Dharana and is central to the philosophy of yoga. It is said that only in deep concentration can you discover the hidden depths of your spiritual nature. Concentration is like a muscle — the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. In this course, the meditation practice we will be delving into is called Ajapa Japa Dharana. It is a traditional Dharna practice to improve concentration. The word ‘Japa’ means ‘the continuous repetition of a mantra’. When the suffix ‘a’ is added, it implies that the process of mantra repetition becomes spontaneous. Ajapa Dharana is, therefore, one-pointed concentration on the spontaneous repetition of a mantra. In this, we use the breath and mental chanting, or repetition of mantras as a tool to develop concentration of mental energy. The origins of this practice can be found in ancient Indian Upanishads, like Yogashiksha Upanishad, its reference can also be found in the Gita. This course is a follow-up to the course, 'Regain The Lost Art Of Concentration With Ajapa Japa'. Here, we will do deeper and more advanced levels of Ajapa Japa meditation. As in the previous course, we will learn about some more tools and habits based on modern psychological research, that we can adopt in our daily lives to improve our ability to concentrate.

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